REAL ESTATE -  Showcasing Residential & Commercial Properties

Perfect for viewing large properties, showcasing the surrounding neighbourhood, and providing context to nearby features and amenities. Hawkeye Heli Video offers professional ground and aerial stills and video services at competitive pricing that fits your business needs. 

CONSTRUCTION - Commercial Development,  Planning and Progression

Survey, map, track, inspect, and manage your worksite projects with Hawkeye Heli Video, the innovative solution to deliver visual progress reports, 3D models, and sophisticated analytics to stakeholders. Hawkeye Heli Video holds the necessary experience, insurance, and certification to perform the job safely and in compliance with safety protocols.

VIDEO FOOTAGE - Corporate Videos for Web and TV

Inspired by, and founded in the mountains of British Columbia, we live for interesting and difficult shoot locations, challenging visual stories, and multi-platform content creation. We're a progressive, mobile crew eager to help you tell your story. Drop us a line to get a quote!

EVENT CAPTURE - Action Sports & Outdoor Events

Operating safely and efficiently, our aerial cameras provide unique coverage that is unavailable from the sidelines. Angles and views that were, until now, only accessible to professional sports teams are now available to all with our versatile fleet.

INSPECTIONS - Equipment and Infrastructure 

Our aerial inspections provide detailed information, faster and safer than some traditional methods. Roof, rock face, crop health, solar panels, communication tower, and wind turbine inspections, provide valuable information that may not have been available through more traditional methods.

B-ROLL - for TV, Corporate Video & Feature Film

Incorporating B-roll video footage can take your video from amateur to professional with just a few extra scenes and transitions. Get Hawkeye Heli Video to bolster your story, create dramatic tension, or further illustrate a point.

TOURISM - Related Footage and Beauty Shots

Aerial videos and stills are a powerful way for travel and tourism brands to showcase the experiences they offer. Hawkeye loves to help tell stories that resonate with your audience, build trust, and ultimately trigger bookings. Talk to us and see how we can help you to start showing the benefits of visiting your area!

Mapping and Orthomosaics - Construction and Inventory

Hawkeye can provide Mapping and Orthomosaic services for site surveys, inventory inspections and stockpile management, location scouting and pre-construction.

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